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 Medical Jutsus

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PostSubject: Medical Jutsus   Wed Jan 14, 2009 9:07 pm

You can learn medical technics only in Kusa,or by learning from Sakura or Tsunade.

Chiyute no jutsu

Basic healing tecninc...Need that to leanr ANY other medical tecnics.
Genin lvl + 15 lines to learn.
-80 chakra, + 120 life on the one receiving the treatements.

Chakra Enjint˘

Chakra knife...Can cut musules
Chuunin lvl + 20 lines to learn.
- 40 chakra, 50 damage,after 5 hits the enemy can't move except if he gets healed.

Dokunuki no Jutsu

Heals poison.
Chuunin lvl + 20 lines to learn.
- 100 chakra.

Shōsen Jutsu

A powerful healing.
Jounin lvl + 25 lines to learn.
-100 chakra, + 250 HP to the one receiving the tecnic.

Memory heal

Gives back memory to someone.
ANBU lvl + 35 lines to learn.
-300 chakra.

Chakra no Ito

Chakra webs rushes to the enemy and gets quickly inside the enemy's body.Attached to the organic parts,if one die the other dies too..
ANBU lvl + 35 lines to learn.
-50 chakra, 100 damage per trn,don't forget,if the enemy dies,the user dies to...

Saisei no Jutsu

After a long periode of time,the user revives someone.
ANBU lvl + 50 lines to learn.
- 800 chakra,removes 3/4 of the user's life.

Bitting heal

Bite the user to heal completely urself.Only ninja tha mastered the medical tecnincs and Karin can learn it
Sanin lvl + 100 lines to learn.
- 500 chakra, heals completely the one that bites the user.

Ninp˘ Soz˘ Saisei

Regenerates completely the user.Only Amaterasu,Tsunade and their students can learn it.
Kage lvl + 100 lines to learn.
- 600 chakra,regenerates completely the user,can only use it once per battle.
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Medical Jutsus
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