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 Hidan's special jutsus

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PostSubject: Hidan's special jutsus   Sat Sep 20, 2008 10:34 pm

Hidan's wepon

In battle, Hidan wields a large crimson triple-bladed scythe that he uses as a multipurpose attack; he can wield it as a short or long-range weapon.It's heavy so slow to use.Perfect for suprise attacks.
150 damage.

Jashin circle

With only one drop of his enemy's blood,hidan makes a circle around him.As long as he stays in the circle,all damages that he gets goes to the enemy(the one that is cursed).Needs a hole turn without getting derange to work.If not the technic is canceled.You need to be in dark form to execute.
-80 chakra + 20 per turn,the damage depends on what techs you're using,can cause death.

Black form

This form is the first step to make the Jashin circle.Hidan becomes more resistant and gets less damage.
-20 chakra + 10 per turn,no damage but gain 100 life and can use the Jashin circle if he hits the enemy(needs enemy's blood)


Hidan can sacrifice himself to regain all his life and chakra.Takes time so cannot be used in battle.
-100 chakra.


Hidan is immortal.Even if you cut his head of..he can't die..If hidan gets to 0 life he needs to retreat somewhere and rest.Instant kill attacks only cause him 200 damage.You wanna kill him...well find a way...good luck.
-200 chakra.
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Hidan's special jutsus
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